Gregg Parker – Musician

Music and the ways in which we consume it has sure changed with time. iPods, mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices are now used by the masses to enjoy their favorite numbers. People use these gadgets even at parties and small gatherings. However, as we all must have experienced, it is never the same as a live performance. The ambience that a gifted musician can create trumps any and every form of device that you can employ. It brings a personal touch to the event and also helps you connect with the song more. In one word, it’s magical. Gregg Parker is one such live performer who can work the magic. He is one of the most popular live performers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

The multitalented Gregg Parker has many feathers in his hat. He is a singer, an acoustic guitarist and a songwriter. His music is primarily about life and love in the rock or folk format. The artist has been a New Jersey native all his life. He is a complete performer – he can create an atmosphere and mesmerize his audience with his magic. The fact that he is booked for more than 200 performances a year should be proof enough that he has what it takes to make people groove.

He started off with garage bands and that got him started on the lifelong relationship with music. One of his best ‘pick up’ group has been with a longtime friend, Tom Parella, in the 70s and the 80s. They still perform together occasionally and Gregg has both deeply enjoyed as well as learned from their partnership.

He plays his original songs and also has a flair for making interpretations of his favorites from the sixties, seventies and the eighties. His skills as a guitarist and his gifted voice make for a formidable combination on stage. He plays all kinds of songs from the sixties, seventies and the eighties – the immortal numbers by his musical heroes give him the greatest pleasure. Like many of the legends, even Gregg has had one of the strongest artistic influences on his life by the Beatles. In fact, he has gone on record to say that the band was the very reason he thought of taking up music as a career in the very first place. He was inspired by their novel music style and the way they put it across to their audiences.

Another of his inspirations was the famous folk rock singer and songwriter, Harry Chapin, who was a true performer and a great human being. Harry Chapin was known for engaging his audiences with his style of telling stories through his music. Gregg Parker is a huge fan and tries to emulate his hero in his own performances. This is the trait that has made him a crowd favorite. He breathes life into a party, while making the music the center of any event rather than just letting it be a background filler. There are many artists, whose music he loves to perform. These include Cat Stevens, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, The Eagles, Gordon Lightfoot, Stills and Nash and Neil Young, among others.

Gregg Parker is not yet on the rolls of any major record company. While he does not mind being a part of one, but he has his own conditions that need to be met before he makes such a commitment. He loves the touring and interaction with his audiences that comes with his current job. Even after signing a contract with a record label, he wants to be able to perform for his beloved fans. Without doing at least 250 shows a year, a recording artist job may not be as lucrative for him. As of now, he just performs for his audience, whether it be a community event, private party, a restaurant gig or anything in between.

Not only does he have a wide range when it comes to playing music, he is also flexible when it comes to performing solo or with a band. The best part about him is that he customizes his performances for his audiences. He is always thinking and improving. He takes into account his listeners and the vibe of the event, and accordingly puts together what he calls the Gregg Parker Band. This eclectic mix of musicians is handpicked by him. He plays in a team of two, four, or more as the occasion demands. The musicians are talented and popular local artists, who play the drums, electric guitars and other instruments.

Gregg Parker is a true artist. In his own words, “the longer I play and the more I learn, the more I realize that I don’t know. This whole wonderful “musical process” is a journey, NOT a destination and if you’re not enjoying the ride, you’re doing something terribly wrong!” This has been his philosophy all along. He travels, sings and grows in the process, both personally and professionally. Artists like him, breathe music, and there is no dearth of takers for his outstanding talent. He has been entertaining his audiences for more than three decades now and given his popularity, he will continue to do that for years to come. Take a look at several ways to watch and hear great entertainment at home with these different residential entertainment systems.